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Our story so far:
The Sovereign has fallen, slain by the hand of one of his own acolytes, and the Green Man walks the mortal realms once again. But the Allied lands war against the Dominion is not over. With their Emperor God gone, the forces of the Dominion are in disarray, but have yet to yield to the Alliance. The Allied Legions have the upper hand for now, but even with the considerable might of this new Green Man on their side, they face years of pushing back against the entrenched remnants of the Sovereign’s forces. Many of whom refuse to even believe that the Sovereign is gone, while others are swearing to battle to the last man in the name of their Sovereign!

In hopes of further bolstering the morale of their allies, and to add to the perceived victory of the death of the Sovereign, the Council at Anleigh has decided that now is the time to put one of the architects of the war on trial. One of the Dominion Generals that started it all, the feared General Chyraxxus. To use the trial as a symbol of the Dominion’s impending defeat, the Council decided it best to have the trial at the site of the Sovereign’s demise, the vaunted city of Vonsall, with Councilor Faelar presiding as judge, and members of the Allied Legions as the prosecution.

But news of the trial has leaked, and men loyal to the General have found their way into the Allied garrison stationed at Vonsall. Awaiting the arrival of their General in hopes of freeing and placing the Dominion’s forces into Chyraxxus’s hands so that will lead them to victory and bring doom to all the peoples of the Allied Lands…

2019  Cast of Characters:

General Chyraxxus: Martin A Smith

General Ghelryn: Dennis Wilson

Councilor Faelar: Aaron Johnson

Major Bastien: Brandon Decarolis

Warden Kima: Amber Beliveau

Magus Perciva: Gabby Joan

Captain Anrathi: Michael Gonsalves

Captain Raziel: Colette Jolie Gardner

Lady Mashari: Jenny Bolton

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